New items

24-05-2020 15:37

Dear Costumers,

I hope you and your Family is healthy and save in this strange times!!!!!

We at MsWh keep on rocking hehe, we can proudly say we have found a couple of VERY nice items that we want to part with, you won't beleave what you will see !!!!!!


A stunning ISA with stickpin ( in shop now)

Blueback Close combat spange (in shop)

EK I (in shop)

ASA (in shop)

Panzerbadge Daisy (in shop)

LW medalbar ( in shop)

Sportsbadge with stickpin (comming soon)

Minesweeper  early tomback

All this items are in MINT condition !!!!!

That was it for now, Keep safe!!!


Your MsWh team