Dear customers, first of all we love to welcome you at our webshop. What can you find at our store ? What is available?

In the left column under categories you will find links to the relevant pages.

For example: you are looking for German Militaria. Then you click on German militaria and on the sublinks you want.


We support a charity in our district. You can find more information in the menu at the top of the link Charity.

But of course this is not all. We give 1 day tickets for FREE to sanctuary De Zonnegloed in Vleteren per purchase disc of 50 euros spent in our shop. Which worth 15.50 euros per ticket. With a maximum of 10 tickets per person.

Example: you buy for the a amount of 150 euros. You will receive 3 day tickets for this beautiful park (valid for a whole year)

Example: you buy for the amount of 2500 euros. You will receive 10 free day tickets (the maximum number of tickets)



New items are regularly available. Whether it will be offered from our personal collection or via purchase. The items will  be added to the shop as soon as possible. It might be a good idea to visit our site on regular basis. 

Are you looking for something specific? No problem, you can send us a list without obligation via the contact link. Please state exactly what you are looking for, possibly with a photo of the relevant item, and your budget. We will purchase your item for you. 

 For further questions or information.... do not hesitate to contact us.


Best regards


Your MsWh team